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This Page is For Men Age 20-40 Years Old Who Want to Get in The Best Shape of Their Lives

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Why Does Luke's Coaching Work Better Than Your Standard Online Fitness Coach?

Most online fitness coaches give you copy and pasted programs with little thought behind them. Luke's coaching gets you the RESULTS you're after in the QUICKEST time possible because he provides his clients the following:

1. Fully Customized Nutrition Protocol featuring multiple options for each meal 

2. Customized Meal Timing to help ensure that you are eating at the ideal time based upon your daily schedule

3. Local Restuarant Meal Suggestions so you can stay social with friends and fam

4. Custom Workout Plan that coincides with your structured diet and your personal goals

5. Cardio and Ab Workout Plans to Maximize Fat Loss and improve heart health without losing your muscle

6. Access to My Custom App that shows you how many sets, reps, and video demos for each exercise

7. Personalized Supplement Protocol to go along with your nutrition and workouts

8. Nootropic/Smart Drug Stack based on your mental enhacement goals like increasing focus, boosting mood, or improving speech

9. Supplementation Critiques that will help you stop wasting money on BS products or select better versions

10. All Clients Receive Weekly Check-ins Through Facebook where he will hold you accountable to your goals

11. Premium Clients Recieve Weekly Coaching Calls Through Skype (These Last 15-30 Minutes Each)

12. Custom Program Adjustments if you need him to help you change something

Want to Unlock Your Prime in Life?

Everyone gets started with a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session where we'll discuss your current condition and set some realistic goals. Coaching packages start at $250/month. Serious applicants only. Use the button and form below to apply for coaching.